Competition rules TDM2024

Art.1 Organisation

The Trailrunners Finale Ligure Association in collaboration with the Fire Brigade is organising the SIXTH edition of the La Sportiva Trail del Marchesato – the Ermanno Fossati Trail on 3 MARCH 2024.

Art.2 The Competition

The Marchesato Trail is a trail-running race with 3 route lengths, one of approximately 60 km and 3000 m altitude gain, one of approximately 38 km and 2200 m altitude gain, one of approximately 16 km and 1000 m altitude gain, called the “La Sportiva Trail del Marchesato – Ermano Fossati Trail”, starting from Finalborgo (Finale Ligure, Savona), reaching Noli, Vezzi Portio, Orco Feglino, Calice Ligure and returning to Finalborgo, taking place mainly on paths.

The competition takes place in a single stage, and requires competitors to be fully conscious that the wellbeing of the participants depends on the runners taking a sensible responsibility for themselves.

They must always have with them the mandatory equipment which is listed in detail in Art 13. In particular, a fundamental aspect is clothing, since along the route, the temperature can drop to low levels, and strong winds and heavy rain can cause unpleasant sensations of cold, even in early March.

60 km, maximum time to be classified is 13h

38 km, maximum time to be classified is 8h 30m

16 km, maximum time to be classified is 5h

Times include any stops, and are under the condition that the intermediate time barriers have been respected.


Time barriers 60km:

40km: 8.00 hours in Portio

52 km: 10.30 hours in Cianassi

56km: 11.30 hours in Perti


Time barriers 38 km:

18 km: 4.00 hours in Portio

30km: 6.30 hours in Cianassi

Time barriers 16km:

8km: 2.30 hours in Cianassi

The closing time for the gate will be recorded when you exit the refreshment area.

The closing times of the control posts were calculated to allow competitors to carry out the  competition within the maximum time permitted, despite any stops. Competitors must absolutely restart from the checkpoints before the time barrier. Otherwise they will be disqualified and their bib will be withdrawn.

Art.3 Acceptance of the Regulations and the Charter

The La Sportiva Trail del Marchesato will take place in accordance with the regulations below which must be downloaded from this site

By registering, the competitors undertake to respect these Regulations and this Charter, and free the organisers from any responsibility for any incident or accident that may arise from non-compliance with the regulations themselves.

Competitors must keep their waste with them. All competitors caught discarding their waste on the course will be disqualified. Waste collection bags are placed in every refreshment point and must absolutely be used.

It is mandatory to follow the marked routes, without shortcuts. In fact, taking a shortcut causes irreversible erosion of that area and degrades it irremediably.


Art.4. Conditions for admission of competitors

– Participants must be an adult (over 18 years old)

– Participants must have a valid competitive medical certificate certifying “the competitor’s suitability for the practice of competitive running over long distances” such as the Certificate issued for the practice of Athletics or equivalent. In the case of foreign competitors, the form downloadable at the address: must be used

– Participants must not have incurred accidents or illnesses subsequent to the issuing of the certificate such as to change the clinical picture and make participation in the trail inadvisable or inappropriate.

The competitive medical certificate or form for foreigners must be sent before 28 March 2024 to validate registration. By registering, the competitor certifies that he is in a physical and mental condition that allows him to tackle this trail of which he recognises that he is perfectly aware of the risks and difficulties of the route, with particular reference to cave passages, sections such as via ferrata or sections equipped with ropes.

No qualifying races are required.

If it turns out that the competitor has made a false declaration with regard to the conditions set out in this article, his registration will be canceled and he will not be entitled to any refund.

Art.5 Rankings

Each competitor’s time will be expressed in hours and minutes. The chip timing service is organised by Wedosport.

Only competitors who reach the finish line and who register upon arrival will be included in the ranking. No cash prizes will be distributed and no prizes can be redeemed. A general ranking for men and women will be drawn up with the overall times.

Prizes will be awarded to:

first 3 overall male and female finishers of all three distances

For the complete program visit the website

All official communications regarding the race will be made only through the trail website.

Art.6 Punching and checks at departure

Each competitor will receive a bib with an embedded chip provided by Wedosport. At the start they will have to register by punching this chip, presenting the bib pinned in front, at belt height. Without punching the competitor will not be classified.

Competitors must have the mandatory equipment in their bag, otherwise they will not be authorised to start. A bag check is scheduled for everyone when collecting the bib.

Art.7 Checkpoints

Checkpoints will be organised along the entire route, where the competitor will have to have their chip punched. Punching is mandatory to prevent emergency vehicles from being called into action unnecessarily. If this happens, the competitor will be required to reimburse all search costs.

Punching upon arrival will allow the timekeepers to establish the rankings. The competitor who has taken time to assist and rescue another participant may request the deduction of this delay.

An inspection of the contents of the bag may be requested at any time during the race, and the competitors must submit to it.

Art.8 Withdrawal

In the event of withdrawal, for safety reasons and to avoid unnecessarily activating the safety system, the competitor MUST notify without delay the person in charge of the nearest control post or the “Sweeper” who closes the race, and give him his bib.

The competitor who does not respect these rules will be required to reimburse all costs of searches launched unnecessarily. The competitor who has abandoned the race can no longer continue the race. If you do so, it will be entirely at your own risk.

Art.9 Safety and Medical Assistance

The responsibility for the safety of the trailers lies not only with the Organisers, but also with the competitors themselves. They MUST therefore respect the Regulations and follow the instructions, particularly those to be followed in case of withdrawal and for punching at control posts.

In this regard, a withdrawal that is not reported promptly, or a missed punching, automatically and uselessly triggers searches (Fire Brigade, Alpine Rescue, CRS Montagne, Helicopter, rescuers, etc.). In this case the competitor will be required to reimburse all search costs.

Safety and medical assistance will be ensured by a network of fixed and mobile stations made up of medical personnel, nurses, controllers, signalers, etc. and by medicalised vehicles.

The rescue stations are organised to provide assistance to anyone in danger with the organisation’s own means or through affiliated organisations.

Official doctors are authorised to suspend (invalidating their bib) competitors deemed unfit to continue the race.

Rescuers are authorised to evacuate runners judged to be in danger using all means at their disposal.

In case of necessity, for reasons that are in the interest of the person rescued, the Fire Brigade, the Alpine Rescue Service, or the Civil Protection service will be called upon, and they will take over the management of the operations and will implement all the appropriate means, including the helicopter. The rescued person will have to arrange for their return from the place to where they are evacuated. Hence the importance of having a personal accident policy.

It is underlined that the route has only a few road accesses and that in case of difficulty and bad weather it may happen that the competitor in difficulty can only be reached by rescuers on foot and along mountain paths.

Telephone numbers will be printed on the bibs to contact in case of need. (Attention: the entire route is not covered by telephone networks).

The competitor who calls for a doctor or a rescuer effectively submits to his authority and undertakes to respect his decisions.

To complement the rescue service setup, medical personnel will be present at certain points to assist competitors in the event of serious physical problems.

One person, the “Sweeper” will ensure the closure of the race and will follow the last competitor. The sweeper, the race management cars, the control posts and the safety personnel will be equipped with radios and in permanent contact with the rescue teams and with the Central Coordination Post in Finalborgo.

The objective of the safety organisation will be to allow everyone to arrive at the finish line without problems. However, each competitor will have to personally assume the responsibility of participating in this race, which can become extreme, and be in excellent psycho-physical conditions of preparedness, planning to face possible situations of bad weather, heat, cold, route errors, darkness, psycho-physical crises .


Art.10 Drinks and food.

The criterion underlying this race is semi-self-sufficiency in food. However, all refuelling stations are stocked with marathon-type drinks and food. Upon arrival, a meal will be available to competitors upon presentation of their meal voucher contained in the race package.

If particular food intolerances are reported, the athletes will find appropriate refreshments.

Art.11 Personal assistance

Personal assistance is prohibited throughout the entire race route.

Art.12 Mandatory equipment

A bag or any other means that allows you to transport the following mandatory material:

– A head torch (60 and 38 km only). It is needed for the section through the cave.

– A whistle

– A thermal blanket

– A water reserve of at least 1/2 litre

– A waterproof jacket (for the 16km only in case of adverse weather)

– A food reserve

– A cup:  there will be no glasses, cups and plates on the route

– An identity document

– A mobile phone charged and turned on. Enter the security telephone numbers provided by the organisation into the address book. Don’t hide your number.

– 1 pair of below-the-knee trousers (only in case of adverse weather)

Art.13 Reasons for disqualification

– Unauthorised personal assistance (water carrier, hare, etc.)

– Absence, at the start, of any mandatory equipment.

– Absence of one of the mandatory items of equipment during checks during the race.

– Punching not carried out or arriving at a control post after the time barrier

– Use of a means of transport.

– Abandonment of waste and/or degradation of places by the competitor.

– Failure to assist a competitor in danger.

– Doping or refusal to submit to doping control.

– Insults or threats to members of the organisation.

– Refusal to be examined by doctors at any time during the race.

– Physical or mental state deemed unsuitable for continuing the race.

– Dangerous behaviour.

– Taking a short cut

Art.14 Anti-doping control

Any competitor may be subjected to anti-doping control during or at the finish of the race. Any positive result will result in immediate disqualification.

Art.15 Protests

Protests will be accepted if presented in writing within thirty minutes of the posting of the provisional results by the race director, at the finish line, upon payment of €50.00 which will be returned if the complaint is accepted.


Art.16 Race Jury

The race jury will be made up of the Race Director and at least one other person chosen from:

– The commissioners at the checkpoints

– Any other competent person deemed useful by the Race Director.

The jury is responsible for deciding, in a time compatible with the imperatives of the race, on any dispute or disqualification that occurs during the race, after having listened to the person involved. Their decisions will be final. The decision will be validated with the signature of the Race Director. Having examined any protests presented following the procedures and within the timescales provided for in art. 15 the jury will proclaim the final results.

Art.17 Photographic, television and video coverage: rights.

Competitors expressly renounce their image rights, just as they renounce any appeals against the organisation and its official partners for the use of their image. Audiovisual professionals must obtain authorisation from the organisation.

Art. 18. The registration procedure.

The registration procedure will be communicated in detail on the race website

It will take place:

– Online until 28 February 2024 at 12:00

The admission conditions are indicated in Article 4 of this regulation. Registrations without payment will be canceled 5 days after sending.

Maximum number of participants for 38 and 16 km: 350.

Maximum number of participants for 60 km: 250

In the event that a registered athlete, for exceptional or personal reasons, decides that he no longer wishes to participate in the race before the registration deadline, he can request a refund only if the withdrawal clause was requested at the time of registration.

The Organisation is required to reimburse the cost of registration, net of the bank commission, only if the athlete has adhered to the “Withdrawal Clause” (see article “ENTRY FEE”), otherwise no refund or voucher discount will be due.

In the event that the registration is not reimbursed, the athlete has the right to collect the race package personally or through a third party but in this case they will have to send an email to indicating the name and surname of the person who will collect the package by 28 February 2024 at midnight.


The Withdrawal Clause ensures the possibility of obtaining a refund of the registration cost in the event of cancellation of the event or inability to participate. Adherence to the Withdrawal Clause and the related payment must be made at the same time as registration. The cost, which is not refunded, is €10 (ten euros). You can withdraw from your registration and request a refund until 24 February 2024.

Art.20. Registration fees

The registration fee must be paid within 5 days of registration

La Sportiva Trail del Marchesato – Ermano Fossati trail 60 km: the registration fee will be:

€60.00 until 31/01/2024

€70.00 until 04/03/2024

Free withdrawal clause until 31/12/2023

La Sportiva Trail del Marchesato – Ermano Fossati trail 38 km: the registration fee will be:

€40.00 until 31/01/2024

€50.00 until 04/03/2024

Free withdrawal clause until 31/12/2023


La Sportiva Trail del Marchesato – Ermano Fossati 16 km trail: the registration fee will be:

€20.00 until 31/01/2024.

€25.00 until 04/03/2024.

Free withdrawal clause until 31/12/2023

The fee includes:

– the race package at the discretion of the organisation,

– the pasta party in Finalborgo,

– the personalised bib,

– the race organisation (Controllers, signalmen, commissioners, race director, etc…), the medical and safety organisation (Doctors, nurses, rescuers), the supplies provided, the Civil Liability Insurance undertaken by the organiser, accident insurance for competitors for the duration of the race

  • The race package is guaranteed for the first 250 participants in the 60km, and 350 participants in the 38km and 16km.

Art.21 Changes to the route. Cancellation of the race.

The organisation reserves the right to change the route or the location of the first aid and refreshment points at any time, without notice. It also reserves the right to cancel the race at any time for safety reasons. These decisions will be communicated exclusively on the trail website if made before the scheduled start day of the race.

In case of bad weather conditions, and for safety reasons, the organisation reserves the right to suspend the race in progress. Each decision will be made by a jury composed of at least the race director and the safety coordinator.

In the event of cancellation of the race, the Organisation is required to reimburse the cost of registration only if the athlete has not collected the race package and has adhered to the “Withdrawal Clause” (see article “ENTRY FEE”), otherwise no refund or discount voucher will be issued.

Art.22 Use of walking poles

The use of walking poles is permitted.